Statement Wall- Grid Style

Hey, hey all my lovers of DIY. Who dosnt love a good statement wall? An immediate attention grabber that receives most of the compliments in a space.  A perfect and often times simple upgrade that can stand alone and does not need complimenting wall décor. I love a good statement wall and am always thinking of designs that will look fantastic in futures homes.

With that said, today’s post is a little throwback to 2016, the dining room of my first house. Ive talked a little bit about the Manshire house before and from what you might be able to determine by now is I had to do quite a few improvements to it to make it a nice and cozy place to live. One area in which was small and really need some updating was my dining room area. It was right off the kitchen, separated by a bar top counter. The other “wall” was a sliding glass door the back deck and opposite that, the cased opening to the living room. That left me with one full wall to improve. Since it was a small space with only eight-foot ceilings, I did not want to have any protruding artwork or wall pieces. I opted to turn it into a statement wall, I knew just the design!

A good friend of mine has this beautiful white grid statement wall that is the first thing you see when you step inside her house. I instantly fell in love the first time I saw it and knew the only thing that would look good on the bare wall in my dining room was this style of wall. So that is exactly what I did. I measured the height and width of the wall, decided how many squares in my grid pattern I wanted, then headed to the Home Depot to get my supplies.

To quickly explain the process, I framed the entire wall, the two sides, top and bottom. I replaced the baseboard with the same moulding used on the rest of the wall. I measured and placed my two vertical boards first because installing this alone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the hortizontal pieces nailed to the wall without them being crooked. Next, I cut the horizontal boards. Since I wanted 9 squares, I needed to cut six. These cuts were easy because they were all the same length. Once those were nailed in place I used wood filler to hide all the seams and nail holes, as well as caulking to hide any gaps between the boards and walls. Once dried, sand flush and paint!

Its really that easy and can be done in a weekend! I’ll include all the supplies at the end of this post so you know exactly what I used. It is so simple and any beginner can do this! Do you love a statement wall!? Let me know!

Bye for now babes,


11/16″ x 3″- MDF Moulding board

Finishing nails


Caulking gun

Wood Filler