My DIY Journey

As a little girl, I remember loving helping my Dad with all things home improvement, car repairs and yard work. Something about seeing your hard work unfold before your eyes captivates me every time.  A vision turning into reality is rivaled by little.

As a small kid I would design “roads” out of yarn and chalk on my basketball court for my bike, construct teepees out of PVC and tarp for me and my siblings to play the wild, wild, west, build forts out in the desert surrounding our yard, and even fabricated a WWE (or WWF as it was known to me) wrestling ring for my little brother who was obsessed as a 6 year old boy. I would use anything and everything to bring my childhood imagination to life.

It wasn’t until I bought my first home in 2011 that I realized I had an underlying passion for fixing, repairing, building, DIYing and creating! Now, almost 7 years later and already on my second home I am fully immersed in my passion and always creating!

My first home was quite the project. I tackled plumbing and electrical problems (not to be confused with projects, haha), kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrades, flooring updates, and not to mention hours and hours of painting! Not all of these adventures were fun *cough* repairing leaky plumbing and patching the drywall *cough*, but each I learned a great deal and, I completed with a deep sense of satisfaction.

My second home is only 4 years old and is perfect to the normal human. But for me, I see cosmetic enhancements everywhere I look and am ready to let my creative juices flow. I already have a handful of projects lined up and ready to share with the world.

Thanks for stopping by and following me in this creative journey! I’m looking forward to learning so much and sharing those things with you. I hope to inspire and encourage you to go forward and tackle that creative project that has been on your mind for months! Don’t be scared, have a little confidence, and go forth knowing you’ll create something amazing!

Below are some old photos (sorry for the poor quality) of some creative adventures I have taken. Enjoy!

Bye for now babes,