Hello all you beautiful people!


Let me start by introducing myself! I am Elisa (pronounced e-lisa, not to be confused with the princess from Frozen, Elsa).  If I had a penny for every time someone said my name wrong I’d be one wealthy girl! Anyway, I was raised in a small town in Northern Nevada. I am the second of four kids. My family is very close and I would rather be with my two sisters, little brother and parents more than anyone else in the world (well, my sisters husband’s, kids and my boyfriend are on the list too, I suppose).  I identify as a country girl as we did all things small town, country folk do: lizard hunt, cruise the drag, four-wheel, ride in trucks, bonfires, you get it! I loved growing up in a small town and wouldn’t mind living in one again someday. I find the peace and tranquility so refreshing and the open spaces around me inspiring!


When I graduated high school, I ended up attending Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s important to note that I LOVE basketball. I mean, it has been and always be one of the things I am most passionate about in this life. From the time I was seven, me and the basketball were inseparable. I ate, breathed, slept and played basketball all the time. Lucky for me, my talents allowed me to play NCAA Division II basketball where I was a four year starter at Westminster, and by my senior year, I was named to the All-American Team for the classification. College was some of the best memories of my life and I loved every second. I graduated with honors with a Business Marketing degree in 2009.


After college, I really didn’t have a plan; I did what most graduates do, moved home and got a job at my Dad’s copper mine (my family had since relocated to Arizona from Nevada) in Finance. Yes, you read that right. Finance. I have not worked a single minute of my professional career in Marketing. Those 16 months in Arizona with my family were challenging but full of memories. I grew to love the northern deserts of Arizona just like I had the deserts of northern Nevada.


About 16 months later I relocated back to Salt Lake; I just didn’t see a future in the small Arizona town and knew I was meant for more. I got a job for a janitorial company doing HR/payroll/finance, etc. You name it, I did it. During my short tenure there, I applied and was accepted into the Masters of Business Administration program at Westminster.


Between then and now, I changed jobs twice, graduated with honors and a semester early from my master’s program, coached high school basketball, traveled a lot, purchased my first home, updated it and sold it. Purchased my second home. Discovered a new passion in DIY home improvement projects and have found the love of my life. Just a few things to keep me busy.

All these life experiences though have lead me to this. I had been thinking about starting a blog for several years. When I finally worked up the courage to purchase a domain and start one in 2016, I got so discouraged trying to learn coding and blogging. Additionally, not thinking that I am “good enough” or “interesting enough” to have a successful blog further added to the delay. It wasn’t until my sweet little sister who is my best friend, after many months of encouraging, sweetly mentioned that I should focus on home improvements and DIYs as my main content. After thought and consideration, I figured, well why not!? I enjoy home improvements, always have a project going on or am brainstorming one, and, I am a single, independent woman who can teach and inspire other woman to be self-reliant. I can share my knowledge and passion to others around the world and maybe, in some small way, make a difference in this world from Utah.


So there you have it! Probably way too much about me! So, sit back, and enjoy the information coming your way! I hope what I share with you will inspire creativity and excite you to find the courage in yourself to try something new or to accomplish something you never thought possible!


With love, Elisa